About us

JSC "Beata" has been producing jewellery for over than 20 years. Company "Beata" is one of the oldest
companies that are producing amber jewellery here, in Lithuania.

JSC "Beata" was established in 1988 in Vilnius, Lithuania. At the moment we have customers all over
the world. We also have our offices in Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong (China), Los Angeles (USA)
with the main office in Vilnius.
The base activity of company is production and trading of amber jewellery and semi-products for
amber jewellery, trading with raw amber material as well. "Beata" production is valued in the
biggest world markets - such as Asia, Far East, Middle East, Europe, USA. The company is annually
participating in different International Jewellery Fairs.

Until 2002 year 100% of our company's income was from wholesale. From 2002 year company "Beata"
started developing if its retail. We have opened new shops of amber jewellery and the first in the world
of this kind amber design studio.

The reliability of company, selling high quality of items, timely executing of signed contracts, will allow
you to develop your business.


If you want to bring away and decent and original amber jewellery from Lithuania, you should visit
In 2005 year in Vilnius, Lithuania, new "Beata" salon was opened. Here guest could purchase serious
jewellery works, souvenirs and various knick-knacks from amber. And the most interesting that a tourist
both could buy something he likes and even watch the process of manufacturing. Going along the corridor
towards the salesroom the guest could see through the glass how the piece of raw amber turn into wonderful
and shining jewel in the hands of talented masters. At one time more than 30 craftsmen work here. All of
them are first class professionals,
highly sophisticated in any details of this art.

If the client wants a jewel or a souvenir to be made by his desire, we are ready to do it,- tells "Beata" owner
Algis Bitautas,- the master will materialize all his possible wishes, put amber in any desirable form. An
experienced guest could even take the tools realize his fantasies himself. Of course, our masters will
help him if necessary.


Meantime company "Beata" has opened 22 shops of amber jewellery. In every of our shops customers
may find the biggest and the most qualitative choice of over five hundred of amber jewellery sample in
the latest fashion amber with gold, amber with silver or plain amber. All of them are stylish and exclusive.
Sure, they are a little bit more expensive. But you should remember the saying that mean pay twice.
If you buy amber goods in the street you can take the risk and purchase a falsification. While qualified
ssistants in "Beata" can choose one or another set-off, match it up to the colour of your eyes, or just
give valuable advice...